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deities at the bottom of the garden

Deities at the bottom of the garden is a series of twelve exquisitely and accurately rendered scale models of a typical garden shed, each containing the interior of a different temple or church. From Paganism to Hinduism, Islam to Judaism, Atheism and Shinto the work spans the continents and the faiths, focusing deeply upon the traditions, icons and signs.

The series is the culmination of three years research and development focused on the nature of obsession; the obsessions manifest in the activities of the hobbyist and those within faith, art practice and play.

By drawings parallels and highlighting differences between cultural expression and belief systems, the work seeks to encourage a shared understanding of the human condition, and evokes the universality of wonder and spiritual enquiry. Encountered in miniature, the spaces suggest to the viewer new perspectives on the worlds we create, like children on a carpet landscape are confronted by a miniature world and an moment of expansive imagination.

Created at 1:6 scale, Deities at the bottom of the garden explores the nature of making and craft in contemporary art and it's need to deconstruct and understand an object both physically and as a cultural sign. Every element of the sheds' interiors and exteriors are lovingly hand made from authentic materials. From the light fittings and brass work to the soft furnishings, rugs and embroideries, each object reflective of the obsession and care embedded in the faith and it's craft, but also a personal attempt to discover.

Deities at the bottom of the garden shown at 20/21 visual arts centre scunthorp 2012. by Richard Bartle Sheffield based contemporary artist. working at bloc studios sheffield

20-21 Visual Arts Centre 2012

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