richard bartle

a nomad's tale - bir gocebe masali


opening: friday, june 8th 2018, 19:00.
visiting hours: wednesday- sunday 12:00 - 19:00.
9 June - 22 July 2018.
halka art/ gallery: Caferaga Mh. Bademalti Sk. No:24 Moda Kadikoy Istanbul.

sergi acilis: 8 haziran 2018 cuma, 19:00.
sergi ziyaret: carsamba - pazar 12:00 -19:00.
9 haziran - 22 temmuz 2018.

halka sanat/ galeri: Caferaga Mh. Bademalti Sk.No:24 Moda Kadikoy Istanbul

In his exhibition titled “A Nomad’s Tale” Richard Bartle reflects upon the observational works of 14th century miniature painter and storyteller Mehmet Siyah Kalem holding them up as a mirror through which to view present day Istanbul and as an intermediary between Siyah Kalem’s story and his own. Through this process Bartle has created a brand new body of work that combines ideas of narrative and representation with concepts of materiality, architectural idiosyncrasy, political landscapes, tradition, and craft.

Bartle’s work does not simply interpret Siyah Kalem's paintings, but uses them as a visual tool to rebuild a new world of encounters and connections. Therefore, he binds a nomadic vision of 14th Century Silk Road touching Persia, Anatolia and Central Asia to the 21st Century cosmopolitan Istanbul which still is a gateway carrying the traits of these cultures, combined with features of a new era.

The exhibition takes place at halka art/ gallery from June 9 to 28, 2018. The opening event is in Friday, June 8th at 19:00. Sheffield UK based Richard Bartle is the artist in residence of the independent art initiative halka sanat projesi for three months between April – June 2018.  



a nomad's tale

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